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Jim Elliott

VP Business Development, Texla

Jim Elliott serves as the Senior Manager in the Texla Dallas location, focusing on project sourcing, executing market pipeline supply contracts, and actively managing production supply. Elliott is also responsible for contract negotiation for gathering, processing, treating, and marketing of natural gas and NGL’s.

Prior to joining Texla, Elliott was the President and Founder of Thinkhire, LP, a Dallas-based information technology supply chain consulting firm. His career in the energy business began with Mobil (ExxonMobil) US Marketing and Refining in 1986, where he held a variety of management positions in business development, operations, financial planning, and training.

Elliott received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Northeastern Illinois University and now serves as an active member of various industry groups, including Dallas Wildcatters, Fort Worth Wildcatters, ADAM Energy Forum, and the Dallas Petroleum Club. More information:

Jim Elliott
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